Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My First Night Shift at work

Hi today January 28 is a remarkable day in my life as this day i worked in night shift for the first time in my life. As the process is new we worked for less than two hour in the shift my colleague went to sleep, i tried to have a snap but i couldn't. So i started to write this blog at the early morning. Today i planned to prepare for an interview on Friday at Zenta technologies where two of my seniors working as senior analyst. This is my second attempt for the same post. At first time i cleared two written test conducted by Merit Trac solutions and i failed in the second round which is the technical round with team leader. I haven't answer for a question in that round, i was thrown out of the office. Now with some preparation and reference from my seniors am going to attend the interview on Friday for analyst post. I will discuss in the next post what's the result of my second attempt. Have wonderful Thursday guys.

About my blog

This blog is about my day to day activities that i come across in my life whether its sweet moment or strange i feel blogging is a nice place to share and i feel its a permanent place too to share our thoughts instead of human beings who may not be with us at times. HAPPY BLOGGING FRIENDS...